September 21, 2019 2 min read

How to identify real leather?

Remember these 5 points, say goodbye to fake shoes forever!

1, touch: that is, touch the surface of the leather by hand, if there is a smooth, soft, full, elastic feeling,it is the leather; and the artificial synthetic leather is hair, rigid, poor softness. Pressing the leather surface with your fingers, there is no obvious pore wrinkles, such as wrinkles after pressing, it will not obviously disappear naturally.

2, see: the real leather surface has clear pores, patterns, yellow cowhide has a relatively fine pores, yak leather has thick and sparse pores, goat skin has fish scale-like pores. There are no pores on the leather surface, which is an important feature to identify the true and false leather.

3, nose sniffing: all leather has a smell of leather; and artificial leather has a strong plastic smell.

4, Ignite: tear off a little fiber from the back of real leather and artificial leather, after ignition, If it makes a pungent smell and become pimple,then it is usually artificial leather; If it has the smell of hair and does not knot hard, it is leather. Cut the corners to burn, taste, but not the smell of hair.

5, water absorption identification: the dermal surface of the water absorption is better, and the fake leather  is opposite, there is better water resistance. You can use your fingers to rub some water and apply it on the surface of the garment to observe its water absorption. For example, it has good water absorption and is dermis. It has poor water absorption or no water absorption at all, and most of them are fake skin.


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