September 28, 2019 1 min read

    Today I have sorted out some deodorization methods of shoes for everyone, I hope these methods can help everyone.

    1、Put alcohol in your shoes
For the unpleasant smell of shoes, it is possible to pour alcohol on a paper towel, then put it in the shoes, and put it in a cool place at home to kill and odor. This is mainly because alcohol is a highly volatile item, which can be used to sterilize and remove odor during the evaporation process.
    2. Put tea in the shoes
Tea itself has the effect of removing odor. For the smell in the air, tea can also be absorbed. For many friends who have foot odor, when they return home every day, they can make tea bags with tea. Put this kind of tea bag into the shoes, which is very helpful for absorbing the smell of the shoes. When wearing the shoes the next morning, you will find that the shoes have a fragrance.
    3. Put the tangerine peel in the shoes
The ability of Chenpi to absorb the odor in the shoes is very strong. When you return home at night, if you feel the odor of the shoes is very heavy, you can put two pieces of dried tangerine peel into the shoes, and in the shoes, you can also absorb the odor. Leave a good fragrance. The taste of dried tangerine peel can also achieve the effect of cleaning up germs and create a comfortable space for the feet.

    Do you have any good methods? Please leave a message to us!

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